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With your gift, together we can make the changes needed to provide a year round camping experience!

Courageous Acres camper David Knight is asking for your help!

David has been attending Courageous Acres (formerly Camp Courageous) for 25 years! Every year David spends a full 2 weeks with us participating in his favorite activities of arts, crafts, and painting the finger nails of all the counselors. David is non-verbal, but that doesn't stop him from interacting with others. He brings a whistle with him and is excited to let staff know whenever a car comes down the driveway. David's favorite camp experience is the dance. The social butterfly that he is, David makes sure to dance with each and every counselor. He is so excited to go to camp every year that as soon as he gets home from camp he starts packing his bags for the next season. Imagine only getting to do your favorite activity only once a year and then having to wait another 365 days to enjoy it again.

Courageous Acres was built in 1963 and was designed to function only in the summer season. The original buildings do not have insulation, heating, or attached restrooms. For over 50 years seasonal summer camp was enough, but the need for our programming is growing and Courageous Acres has to turn campers down each year due to maximum capacity. Courageous Acres is looking into the future to have upgraded buildings capable of offering camp opportunities year round to fill the demand, and we need your help! You can help give David the opportunity to come to Courageous Acres more often as well as over 400 other individuals with developmental disabilities including Down Syndrome, Cerbral Palsy, and Autism Spectrum. Courageous Acres is seeking funds in the amount of $70,000 to upgrade the boys and girls dorm as well as the dining hall to function year round. The breakdown of repairs can be found at With your generous donation we can make our dream of year round camping a reality.

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